10 Tips of Water

Water is a precious resource and every day we consume or “waste” an average of 150 liters of water. How to reduce your water bills? Here are some tips to limit waste.

Our Website gives us solutions to save water at home. To lighten the bill but also to help the planet , here are 10 tips to apply today.


 1-  The first reflex to adopt to save water is to keep the tap closed when you brush your teeth or wash the dishes …


2-  Use small equipment to save money, such as water savers (cost € 2). Placed on the taps, they reduce the flow while keeping the same water pressure. With this system, you will save more than 50% water …


3-  Equip yourself with a thermostatic shower faucet  : a classic shower faucet leads to the loss of large quantities of water, replace it with this system, you will make big savings …


4-  A flow reducer can also be placed on the classic shower head. This device allows a water saving of 50%.


5-  15 liters of water are evacuated in the flush each day… Thanks to a dual control device which attaches to the flush, you can choose to release 3 or 6 liters.


6-  For household appliances (washing machine and dishwasher), look carefully to see if the “energy” label appears on the appliance, it will indicate its average consumption.


7-  If you have a garden, reuse rainwater for watering by collecting it in a container or tank (or install a rainwater collector in the gutter).


8-  For watering plants, prefer the evening , because the night helps maintain soil moisture.


9-  Lime is the enemy of pipes: check the pipes because in the event of a leak at the tap, you can lose up to 100 liters of water per day!


10-  When you do the dishes by hand, use the two water tanks  (if you have two tanks): one for rinsing, the other for washing (if not, fill the water tank, and do not leave the tap open).


Our advice: 
On average 120 liters of water are used to supply a bathtub! Opt for the shower, you will save significant amounts of money and do something for the planet …

For More Information: https://www.skumaltd.co.uk/who-is-my-water-supplier